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Be The Change

(COMING SOON) Be The Change & Inspire Other - This project will aim to amplify staff, students and alumnus voices to create an LSHTM that look like US. We will be inviting EVERYONE to share what is the LSHTM they want to see, how they contribute and inspire others to join this movement.

Happy Hours - Anti-Racism Talk

(COMING SOON) Happy Hours - Anti-Racism Talks - Jump in/Jump out in our Zoom Room - Meet other students and learn from your peers.

Black History and Experiences

(COMING SOON) Black & African Public Health History & Practices - Series of Webinar led by experts and alumni on Black & African Public Health related initiatives

News Digest

(ACTIVE) Diversifying our learning requires learning from different perspectives and sources: 1.Choose a topic that you are passionate about in global/public health 2. Compile 5 - 15 different sources about the topic (podcast, Instagram, academic articles, YouTube, Twitter, movies, TV shows, News Article, book, comics, etc.). It can be comedy, drama anything you want!! 3. Send us that list on a Word doc via email (More in Newsletter 8)

Navigating Anti-Racism space as a White person

(ACTIVE) Knowing how to be an actively anti-racist white person is a challenge. Learning and experience can be shared between white people on how best to assist anti-racist work. Join our WhatsApp group led by Amber Clarke to discuss how to be anti-racist as a white person.

(ACTIVE) Testimony (Anonymous)

(ACTIVE) Testimony (Anonymous) - Throughout the year, we invite in-house and DL students to send us accounts of Racism or Prejudice during lectures and seminars. We will deal with them anonymously and reach out to the lecturers/seminar leaders to encourage them to use the moment as a learning experience.

Black Lives Matter Whatsapp for Everyone

(ACTIVE) Join our Whatsapp groups to stay up to date with information, ask questions, etc.

Black Women Only Group

(ACTIVE) Safe space for Black Women ONLY to vent, network and share experiences. Join, introduce your self and fill the questionnaire.

Researcher Self-Assessment

(ACTIVE) Researcher Self-assessment - Is my summer project topic appropriate? We will help you assess when your research may be prejudice or racist. - Round Table OR in person

Anti-Racism Toolkit - Part 2 and 3 - Our Values

27/10/2020 - Anti-racism toolkit: - Our values - Part 2 - Reclaim Diversity & Inclusion - Part 3 - Reimagine LSHTM

Tropical Medicine & Black Lives Matter

21/09/2020 - Presentation - Diploma Tropical Medicine & Health - 2020/2021 cohort

Anti-Racism Ressources are not to fund white saviorism

08/10/2020 - Letter - Anti-Racism resources are not for white ppl

FAIR Coalition

16/09/2020 - Proposal - Fighting Against Institutional Racism (FAIR) Coalition - Concept document

Anti-Racism Toolkit - Part 1 - Decolonize LSHTM

14/09/2020 - Anti-Racism Toolkit - Part 1 - Decolonize LSHTM

No Free Labour

24/08/2020 - Letter - Need to compensate Anti-Racism work

Decolonizing the curriculum

17/08/2020 - Letter - On Decolonizing the Curriculum process


07/08/2020 - Letter - Recommendation on new director #Diversity

Council Presentation

02/07/2020 - Council presentation

Black Lives Matter - How it all started

08/06/2020 - Original Letters (from Rachel Cargle Template) & Testimonies - Holding LSHTM accountable for its silence #GeorgeFloyd #Black Lives Matter

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