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About Us

The Fight Against Institutional Racism (FAIR) is an independent network within The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). FAIR facilitates dialogue and action around issues of racism and colonial legacies in global public health education, research and practice at LSHTM.


LSHTM and FAIR have worked together to agree a Statement of Intent which outlines a shared vision, objectives and ways of working. The Statement outlines that both FAIR and LSHTM agree to work together in good faith, while also recognising FAIR as independent of LSHTM, whose freedom of speech is protected and valued.

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Key Functions
  1. A discursive space for students and staff where individuals can raise issues relating to racial injustice and coloniality that arise within the institution 

  2. A producer and distributor of knowledge in service of epistemic and racial justice and scholar-activism 

  3. An advocacy and accountability group focusing on reform and progress in institutional policy and practice and holding the School to account for what it has committed to through it’s anti-racism action plan 

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