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NOW LIVE - Introduction to decoloniality & anti-racism in global health student toolkit

Hi everyone and happy Women’s Month,

It’s been a while since you last heard from us at the FAIR Network, but we have not forgotten about you!

We have been busy working on a toolkit with the aim of reducing knowledge gaps around decoloniality and anti-racism in global health in the student body and encouraging critical thinking and engagement.

This document has been written with students in mind to accompany them during their MSc and beyond, in their journey to become active anti-racist health professionals but is in fact relevant and accessible to all, so feel free to share around your circles.

The “Introduction to decoloniality & anti-racism in global health student toolkit” is now live (internal and external links) and citable thanks to our alumni contributors Meskerem Aleka Kebede, Zainab Ismail and Sara Pensa, and the Executive Leadership’s financial support.

This document is not meant to be read all at once but is rather a resource that readers can refer to over time. Before you dive in, we encourage you to read the introduction and the conclusion first and use the table of content to navigate the document. Enjoy!

So, what now?

At FAIR, we never want to stop learning and people’s questions and comments also help us to grow. This document reflects our vision and is not meant to be prescriptive, but to inspire conversations.

The readings and resources included come from a wide range of authors, and their inclusion in this document does not mean that FAIR or LSHTM overarching endorse the entirety of these individuals work.

Some content might make you feel uncomfortable, and we are here to hear your feedback, answer your questions including the most challenging ones (directly or anonymously), and generally chat with you about this resource.

We will be presenting this toolkit more formally in the coming weeks, and also creating spaces for these conversations to happen more regularly so keep an eye out for these dates and times in the upcoming newsletters.

We hope you find this resource useful. Again, we want to thank the contributors for their invaluable input into this project. For more information or any questions or comments, you can email

If you have anything you would like to anonymously bring to FAIR’s attention, you can do so using this contact form.

Finally, if you have 30 seconds, please give us some feedback by answering our 3-question anonymous survey.

Thank you to everyone who already shared some feedback. Here is one of them below and we hope many of you will feel the same:

"I haven't had a chance to fully read through it yet but I just wanted to say that from my first brief read through I am so happy and impressed with this toolkit! I think that it is comprehensive and really successfully explains complicated topics in nuance but in a way that is still completely accessible. The use of different sections (e.g. testimonials, FAQs, resource lists) is also extremely useful and well done. Unlike a lot of LSHTM documents, this succeeds in being easy to understand in the language used and very practically useful. Thank you for all your hard work on this."

Thank you all !

The FAIR Network

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