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Join the FAIR x HHCC project to address the colonial legacies of humanitarian research

The Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre (HHCC) and the Fight Against Institutional Racism (FAIR) Network at LSHTM are launching a new collaboration and are looking for two team members to join the project.

The project aims to build a value-based community, oriented towards decolonial research and action in humanitarian crises settings.

FAIR will support HHCC’s efforts to apply a decolonial lens to its work with the overarching goal of developing a more inclusive approach to research practices and partnerships that challenge the colonial history and legacies of humanitarian research.

The project will also look to foster a community of like-minded individuals passionate about decolonial thinking, and inclusive and equitable practices in humanitarian aid and research.

The project is aiming to start in July 2022 and finish in January 2023 and will focus on creating concrete outputs such as an HHCC set of practices that members sign up to and an internal accountability tool, among others.

To be part of the team responsible for implementing this exciting new project, we have two short-term roles available.

These are:

  • A Project Co-Lead (one day a week for six months)

  • A Qualitative Research Assistant (a total of 40 days to worked flexibly over a three-to-five month period dependent on candidates' availability)

Register your interest before 22:00 BST on Monday 6 June 2022.

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