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Breaking News British Uni are Racists - Watch BBC Three investigation

When it comes to racism, Report and Support doesn't work! It is not designed to work or even to record complaints properly.

We wanted to share this article

BBC Three investigates whether universities in the UK are doing enough to combat racism, as students say their complaints were mishandled.

Professor David Richardson, the University of East Anglia’s Vice Chancellor who leads Universities UK’s advisory group on racial harassment, shocked me by saying that British universities are institutionally racist.

“I think that historically, students who experienced racial harassment have not felt able to report it or felt safe to report it for various reasons,” he says.

- no outcomes

- no apologies

- no follow up

- no consequences for the perpetrators

- no support for the victims

- no accountability

The documentary is shocking and only reinforce the legitimacy of our requests.

Is Uni Racist? We already knew the answer but maybe now that a white professor is saying it, people will start to act?

If that is what was needed. Good. We want change, not glory.

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