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Ask LSHTM to abandon its neutrality on Israeli occupation and war crimes now.


The image used above was taken by Roshdi Sarraj. He was a young Palestinian journalist and film maker. Roshdi was killed by the State of Israel in an airstrike shortly after taking this photo. Roshdi is one of an estimated 23 journalists, and 4,385 people, killed by the State of Israel in a 2 week period.


Last week, we expressed our anti-colonial solidarity with Palestine and highlighted LSHTM’s neutrality on Israel’s occupation of Palestine and active genocide in Gaza. Now, we are going to ask them to abandon it. Will you join us?

The students at LSHTM wrote this letter, expressing their deep disappointment at the response of our School with regards to the active ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. They highlighted that while we were unequivocal in our response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, our School Leadership has chosen a ‘both sides’ approach with regard to the ongoing genocide and displacement of Palestinians.

We have now opened the letter written by our students for signature across our community, including all students, staff and alumni. Please sign it now.

As an international school of public, global and humanitarian health, LSHTM is obliged to address the reality of the humanitarian health crisis in Gaza. With the UK government standing strongly in support of the State of Israel and its crimes against Palestine, UK institutions have to proceed with caution. But, we cannot stay silent.

As an Institution that has publicly aligned itself with an anti-racist and decolonial agenda, we need to explicitly and publicly condemn the State of Israel's colonial-settler occupation, and the apartheid, annexation, siege, blockade and genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

Please sign the letter, using this google form, to express your anti-colonial solidarity with Palestine and call for our Institution to do the same. Please share widely with the LSHTM community, past and present. We will send the letter with signatures to leadership at the end of day on Wednesday 25th October.

Many of us are feeling hopeless and powerless as we watch genocide unfold in front of our eyes. If nothing else, the truth must be spoken out loud. Tell LSHTM to acknowledge this atrocity properly. No genocide passively accepted in our names.

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